For families, couples or if living alone, you can create a really cosy breakfast nook without much hassle. Whether it’s beside a window looking out over a garden, in a corner of the kitchen or even in a conservatory, enjoy your meals in pure luxury.

How to Create a Breakfast Nook?

There’s a huge variety of wonderful furniture ideas for a breakfast nook ranging from long benches, built-in booths, chairs, banquettes, along with appropriately sized tables. For something a little different, what about a high bench with stools? This will provide a really casual way to eat meals or entertain friends.

A charming corner banquette and table, or a round table along with chairs in a bay window make a perfect breakfast nook. Relax while eating not only a tasty breakfast, but lunch and dinner too. If space is of a premium, a small, square table, with one edge against a wall, and four chairs is ideal for an apartment. Showcase your kitchen with this type of breakfast nook along with hanging lights above the table for a romantic look.

Vintage Breakfast Nook

Why not try a vintage look using a rectangular farmhouse style table with rustic chairs? They don’t necessarily have to match. Friends will feel comfortable and welcome each time they sit down to a meal. Long benches and a table provide a modern, trendy look making the kitchen look really inviting. It’s a good idea to keep the decor light and neutral if you decide to go for a bold coloured table in your breakfast nook.