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Scholarship Spotlight – Regan Kelsey


Regan Kelsey is one of the 2014 Travis Chaffin Memorial Scholarship winners and has done wonderful things with her education after graduating from Cypress Christian School.  She is a senior at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma majoring in special education.


Regan has a passion for working with children with special needs. This passion began when she was a volunteer and camp counselor at Camp Blessing in Brenham, Texas for two summers. Her participation in this program is what steered her to a degree in special education. “This experience opened my eyes to kids with disabilities and how I am able to see God through these kids and how He can use me to help them.”


Regan has expanded her special education experience with a trip to India in December 2015. She went to India with fellow staff members from Camp Blessing to work at an orphanage for children with disabilities. “This opened my eyes to the kids from across the world with special needs, not only in the realm of education, but also healthcare needs and services.”  Since then, she was also able to go to Vienna, Austria to see a special needs program and learn first-hand how it works there.


This Travis Chaffin Memorial Scholarship recipient will graduate from college a semester early, following her student-teaching requirements this fall. After college graduation, Regan has the opportunity to teach in Uganda at a Christian school to share the gospel and her faith with African children. Regan is an amazing young woman and we are so proud to see her use the Travis Chaffin Memorial Scholarship to impact the lives of so many specials needs children, not only locally, but across the world. Regan has certainly gained a lot of experience during her college tenure and a true international-view of special education and how she can impact it by using her skills and passion. Deep Cypress Alliance and our community celebrate Regan on her accomplishments and for a job well done!



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