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The Cypress Heartbeat

Formerly Celebrating Soul, ‘Deep Cypress Alliance’ began as a vision and a heart for the place we call home, Cypress, the people and its surroundings. Deep Cypress Alliance continues to grow and develop each of the programs under our (3) Pillars.

Originally founded by a small group of individuals caring for a neighbor and friend Jordan Merecka. Jordan, a high school senior at the time, was the recipient of the first pediatric artificial heart. Since 2012, Jordan has endured 2 heart transplants, in addition to 6 months on the artificial heart, while he awaited a donor. God has a purpose for this young man. His spirit and determination are an inspiration to not only the community of Cypress but to the nation and the world. His journey has received national recognition and continues to inspire multitudes. His journey inspired the first of three Pillars, The Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Fund, renamed Deep Cypress Caring Heart in 2017. Under Deep Cypress Caring Heart… two programs benefit others who are or have been in similar situations to Jordan. (1) the Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Award, and the (2) Jordan  Merecka Caring Heart Assistance. Since becoming a 501c3, the DCA has awarded close to $100,000 in Caring Heart funds to deserving recipients.

The second pillar is ‘Deep Cypress Scholarships’. The scholarship was originally formed to honor Travis Wayne Chaffin, an outstanding young man who left behind a legacy of great character. These scholarships are awarded annually to exceptional local high school seniors who embody leadership, integrity and are inspired to make the world a better place, much like Travis. Since the graduating class of 2014, DCA has awarded close to $120,000 in scholarships to deserving young adults.

Celebrating Soul (later, Deep Cypress Alliance) became an official 501c3 organization with a mission for Cypress… the People. The Place.

The third pillar, Deep Cypress Conservancy, began taking shape in 2016. More and more concern for the natural surroundings of Cypress has been voiced in the community as fragmented development continues with no master plan for Cypress. DCA is developing programs alongside like-minded organizations in order to preserve patches of green- space in the Cypress area.

Thank you to founders Cynthia Gill, Teri Quance, Susie Pipkin, and the original founding board members, Shirley Chabala and Suzanne Merecka for continuing to guide and support a heart for Cypress. We are all here to do something…. in Cypress, for Cypress.

The Programs of Deep Cypress Alliance

“Keeping Cypress Green”

Deep Cypress Conservancy

“Our Heart Beats for Cypress”

Deep Cypress Caring Heart

“A Legacy of Strong Character”

Deep Cypress Scholarship