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Kindness Matters!

The Cypress Challenge ‘#18DaysOfKindness’ campaign has launched!

Join our committed groups of participants, starting with Cypress youth, who have set out to raise awareness toward the importance of being kind, making kindness a habit. Campaign funds raised benefit the Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance program (JMCH) through Deep Cypress Alliance (DCA), a 501c3 organization.

The JMCH provides financial assistance to individuals or families in the community who have experienced personal trauma of some sort that has resulted in financial hardship.

Kindness increases HAPPINESS according to a 2010 Harvard Business School survey of happiness in 136 countries found that people who use their financial resources to help others, such as charitable donations – were the happiest of all.

The Cypress Challenge will continue until November 8 when the top fundraisers will be announced at the Fashion with Passion event, Thursday, November 9th, at Enchanted Cypress Ballroom.

The 7th Annual Fashion with Passion Event, in conjunction with the Cypress Challenge, will feature the Class of 2018 high school Senior Models to promote kindness and the campaign. The models compete for prizes via fundraising efforts and showcase their style and personality at the campaign finale, Fashion with Passion. It’s a fun, rewarding evening of community celebration and socializing.

To support a Class of 2018 Senior Model in their fundraising efforts, visit: Class of 2018 Models and click on the model you would like to support. Or, visit the Cypress Challenge website.

2018 Fashion with Passion Senior Model, Danielle Bonner is off to a great start in her fundraising effort through #18DaysOfKindness

Join The Cypress Challenge, and make a difference through kindness! Our fundraising goal this year is to raise $75,000 to provide assistance for financially distressed Cypress neighbors. There are plenty of ways you can join in. You can join a team, donate, or create your own team. Help us create a habit of kindness… creating a world which is a better place, starting with Cypress.

Kindness really does matter!

2018 Fashion with Passion Senior Model, Ava Kuykendall posts Day1 of her #18DaysOfKindness on social media to promote the campaign.

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