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JMCH Assistance Provides $3,500 to 2016 Award Recipient ‘Abby’s Gift’

‘Abby’s Gift’ began in 2010 when precious Abby was born with a fatal chromosomal defect known as Edward’s Syndrome. Though Abby lived only 12 days, her short but wonderful life inspired her parents, Clyde & Melinda Gordon to form the non-profit, Abby’s Gift, dedicated to providing support and resources to families with a child in hospice care.

 “After experiencing the hospice journey with Abby, we couldn’t imagine other families going through something similar and not having enough vacation time or sick time at work to stay home with their child during their last day, or having to take out a loan for the overwhelming funeral and burial expenses”, explain Clyde and Melinda Gordon.

Deep Cypress Alliance recently presented a $3,500 donation to Abby’s Gift through the Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance program. It was our honor to present the 2016 Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Award to recognize their journey of turning their tragedy into a benefit for others. And, again to provide financial assistance in 2017 for the work the Gordon’s are doing.

Clyde and Melinda Gordon commented on their recent undertakings saying, “since our night at Fashion With Passion, Abby’s Gift has assisted 27 children and their families. During the two weeks of Christmas holiday season alone, 19 requests were received. Simply heartbreaking!  And, in this time frame, also reached two new states: Virginia and California. This brings us to partnerships with children hospitals in eight states. Our goal for 2017 is to continue to serve these kids with all our heart, increase our efforts to spread the word of awareness and for potential new donors, and host 6-8 small fundraisers throughout the year.” 

The Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Programs shine a light on the transformational work happening in our own backyard and the extraordinary service provided by Abby’s Gift which embodies the best spirit of the JMCH Award. The Gordon family found hope and a lasting tribute for Abby by turning an unfathomable loss into a celebration of compassion and love. 

 A new JMCH Award recipient is announced annually at the Fashion with Passion Event in November each year.

Cynthia Gill, Melinda & Clyde Gordon, and Suzanne Merecka exhibit blankets which are contributed to terminally ill babies through Abby’s Gift. In addition to financial donations, Abby’s gift accepts ‘gifts in kind’ to provide comfort to grieving parents.

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