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Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance Helps Save a Cypress Business Owner

Meet Robbie

In April 2017, Robbie had been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and even with medications, his condition continued to get worse. As a personal fitness trainer and owner of his own business, G3 Fit Now, Robbie knew the importance of getting his heart rhythm corrected. Being self-employed and without medical insurance… Robbie lacked the resources to have the needed surgery to reset his heart’s rhythm back to its regular pattern.

A request for assistance by one of Robbie’s clients was made on his behalf. The client asked for help with the medical costs of his upcoming medical procedure. The Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance program was so thankful for the opportunity to come alongside Robbie and assist him with the cost of his procedure. What a blessing to be able to step in and lift up one of our own community members in their time of need!

Robbie’s June 1st procedure was a success and his heart has continued to remain in normal rhythm.  Robbie commented, “Everything went perfectly and I’m back in rhythm.  Thank you so much for helping me stay alive. God has an incredible future for us all!”

On July 20th, Robbie updated the Deep Cypress Caring Heart committee to let us know his cardiologist expects a full recovery. God is good!

Robbie exemplifies exactly what Deep Cypress Caring Heart is all about as he continues to use his personal medical needs and experiences to encourage and inspire others in our community through his personal life and his business.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance due to a personal trauma, tragedy or medical need, visit Caring Heart Assistance to apply.

Jordan Merecka Caring Heart Assistance is a program through Deep Cypress Caring Heart and the Deep Cypress Alliance… a 501c3 organization with a Heart for Cypress. Caring Heart Assistance helps individuals and families in Cypress who have fallen on financial difficulty due to personal trauma or tragedy. If you would like to donate to the JMCH Assistance program to help others like Robbie, click here.

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