About Us

Our Mission IS Cypress – The People. The Place. 
We believe our unique community can flourish as we embrace the individual needs of our members, as well as the community as a whole, creating an atmosphere of harmony, quality of life and philanthropy.

What makes Cypress unique? Nestled in the Northwest corridor of the greater Houston area, Cypress can also be defined by its zip codes: 77429 and 77433. But our spectacular little town is unincorporated, meaning that we do not have the critical municipal systems to pull a community together. Without a city hall, a downtown district or tax base for central reinvestment, we lack the unified vision that nurtures an area. But that doesn’t need to prevent us from helping Cypress become all that it can be.

Deep Cypress Alliance is pulling the people of Cypress together to fill the gap. At our core, we will maintain programs that aid in the development of a flourishing and energized community through caring support, educational opportunities, beautification, and preservation of our natural resources. We foster three programs that carry out the mission and vision of our organization: Deep Cypress Conservancy, Deep Cypress Caring Heart and the Deep Cypress Scholarship, each of which offers the residents of Cypress a way to get involved. In addition, we’ll implement ancillary projects and activities that celebrate and prosper the incredible area we’ve all chosen to call home.

We welcome like-minded individuals to join us in our mission to protect and promote Cypress.

Come along with us as we Do Something… In Cypress. For Cypress.